Welcome to Kalofer!

Kalofer is located in the southern outskirts of the Stara Planina mountain. It is only 17 kilometers away from Karlovo,22 km away from Sopot, 56 km away from Plovdiv and 164 км from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.Kalofer was founded in the 16th century (1533). From the very beginning it enjoyed priviliges as a city, which allowed it to preserve its typical Bulgarian character.In the time when traditional customs were booming about 1200 devices for producing traditional colored Bulgarian wollen threads (gaitan) were operating in the town.Kalofer is a part of the Bulgarian top 100 Old towns ranking list.If you stop by here you should definitely visit the Hristo Botev museum,which is settled in one of the first traditional schools in Bulgaria.
A part of the attractions in the region is visiting ateliers producing the internationally famous Kalofer lace or the traditional rugs or wollen covers (kitenitsi).

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